Immigration And Job Opportunities in Canada

Canada is a resourceful and peaceful nation, which means the immigration demands to the country are always opulent. While there is no doubt in the fact that Canada is an excellent option for immigration and job opportunities, there are some factors that are important to consider before you start the process. Here are some related issues you need to consider before effectively choosing to relocate and settle in Canada.

The Immigration: The Visa Offers for Different Classes

Individual Options

Various classes categorized by the Canadian law include the following:

The Family Class

The Family Class and the Economic Class are eligible for permanent resident Visas offered by the Canadian government.

To judge the authenticity and eligibility, Canada uses a point-based system. Generally, a Visa applicant is decided in the federal skilled worker class considering numerous factors that show whether a strong chance of the applicant and his/her dependents establishing successfully in Canada.

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The Skilled Worker Class

An appropriate applicant in skilled worker class must have employment and settlement skills along with the experience that is compatible with so-called “open” occupations offered to the potential immigrants. It is noteworthy that applicants with government job offers are considered the most appropriate.

Quebec Skilled-Worker Class

The Quebec skilled worker class and the provincial nominee class offers permanent residency to applicants depending on their proven and tested ability to become economically independent in the new country. These visas are provided by immigration policies and programs, the selection criteria of which are administered by Quebec or the Canadian provinces.

Business Immigration

The Business Immigration program includes Investors, Entrepreneurs, and the Self-Employed, and they are also eligible for permanent residency according to and complying with the norms placed in the immigration laws of Canada.

The Investor Class

The Investor class applicants must demonstrate the will and ability to be economically established in Canada with their business or management experience being the basis of the conference. The Investor class must also have a personal net worth of at least $1,600,000 according to immigration laws.

Approval is granted if the investor is willing to undertake to and commit to a permanent, non-interest bearing, and passive five-year investment reaching at least $800,000 in a government-operated investment fund.

Various programs that let the applicants obtain finances and legal support on their investments are available. However, it is essential to check the validity of immigration under the investor class as some temporary holds are often placed on the applications in this class.

The Entrepreneur Class

The Entrepreneur point-based class is conferred with the permanent residence of potential immigrants who demonstrate the true potential to become an economically established unit in Canada depending on their business background and good personal net worth.

Approval depends on the ability to invest and get involved in the management of qualifying businesses based in Canada that are promising for the Canadian economy. Like the Investor Class, this category also has temporary holds, so checking with the authorities before seeking immigration is a good option.